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The aim of Wild Workforce is to empower, support and educate managers and employees to reduce workplace stress and improve wellbeing at work. Services include evidence-based workshops in beautiful outdoor locations.

The most effective way to learn positive behaviours is through “experiencing” or “experiential learning”. Wild Workforce combines experiential learning including the well-established forest schools approach with the Five Ways to Wellbeing framework. Workshops include Resilience at Work (4 hours CPD), Mental Health Risk Management (2 hours CPD) Team Building (3 hours) and Wellbeing for All (2.5 hours) and can be tailored to meet individual HR/business learning and development and wellbeing needs.

Using nature, the outdoors and easy to learn tools, Wild Workforce aims to inform, develop skills and self-awareness to improve employee resilience , reduce absence and create a happier more productive workforce.

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3 Ladies in forrest

Mindfulness-based practices are key to reducing stress and anxiety and helping manage emotions, focus attention and increase performance.”
- Dr Gus Castellanos, Mindful Leader MBSR Instructor


“Our relationship with nature – how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is a critical factor in supporting good mental health.”
- Mental Health Foundation

About Clare

My background is in law, employee relations and HR and I hugely enjoy coaching and supporting others to recognise their strengths. As Director of Education at the WS Society I delivered the new professional competence courses for trainee solicitors and also co-wrote professional practice courses for the Law School at Dundee University.

In 2013 I had a physical and mental burn out and was off work for 8 months. The road to recovery deepened my interest in the evidence-based benefits of nature, mindful practice and compassion and their potential role in the work-place.

After qualifying in Forest School Programme Leadership in 2019 I started running educational workshops outdoors. I was impressed by the outcomes and the growing body of evidence of the positive impact of nature on mental and physical health.

I have professional experience of managing conflict at work and workplace stress and am committed to improving mental health using evidence based and cost effective approaches.

I am a qualified mediator, experienced coach, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) graduate, CIPD and CPD Standards member and have both outdoor and mental health first aid certificates.


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