Benefits of Membership -
Joining A Wild Workforce Community

“Exposure to nature can generate positive emotions and balance our moods resulting in better resilience.”
- Mental Health Foundation

  • Recruitment & Retention – Membership demonstrates an active commitment to the health & wellbeing of current and prospective employees
  • HR & Business strategy – Appointment of an in-house Wild Workforce Champion supports business & HR strategy by actively raising the profile of workplace wellbeing, developing outdoor Wild Workforce practice and facilitating engagement with employees
  • Promotion & Advertising – Permitted use of the Wild Workforce logo on business website and advertising / promotional materials (sent to Wild Workforce Champion)
  • Free annual outdoor networking and learning events for Wild Workforce Champions.
  • Regular newsletters, information and best practice updates sent directly to your Wild Workforce Champion
  • Annual updated Wild Workforce wellbeing resources and tools pack

“There is a positive return on investment of around £5 for every £1 invested in mental health intervention in the workplace.”
(Deloitte – 2020)


  • The employer must appoint an in-house Wild Workforce Champion who is either a Manager or Team Leader and provide Wild Workforce with their contact details
  • The Wild Workforce Champion must have responsibility for supporting employee health & wellbeing as part of their remit contained in their job description
  • The employer must support their Wild Workforce Champion to attend a minimum of 1 Wellbeing Workshop for Managers per year (see Wellbeing Workshops page)
  • The employer must pay the annual subscription fee according to the size of the organization:
    1-50 employees – £350 per year
    50-250 employees – £550 per year
    > 250 employees – £750 per year

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